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Текст песни Cursed от исполнителя Tech n9ne

    [1st verse]

    I was born in seventy-one
    In seventy-two I started to walk
    I learned to talk
    Seventy-six I tried sexing
    That was around the age of five
    And seventy-nine
    I started to ride
    With my
    Uncle ike
    In eighty and eighty-one
    I was about ten
    But the first time a little chick
    Made me cum
    Was eighty-two
    Or eighty-three
    My life really came alive
    In eighty-four
    I was thirteen
    Nineteen eighty-five's
    The number
    I met this bitch
    Who told me if I got tight with her
    Together we would grow rich
    Type of chick
    That'll make a brother
    Feel good inside
    In my mind when I'm sleep
    When I walk
    When I ride
    Getting to me in the classroom
    Used to follow me into the bathroom
    And I loved it
    She was wild
    And everyday
    People bore me
    Activate my hormones
    When you speak to me
    Offer me
    A piece of you
    Me so horny
    She let me foreplay
    And that's it
    She said
    If I would rap
    And make some dollars for us
    Maybe I can get a hit
    I was writing
    Then I found myself fighting
    For the juices
    When I found out
    That our little agreement's
    Ah damn
    She let celebrity status hit
    So I'm thinking of tactics
    How to leave ran down
    On the mattress
    So I practice
    Hoping to stuff my fat dick
    In this rap bitch
    Knowing when I stuff my cactus
    In that catfish
    Imma flat shit
    She's turning me into a killer
    Devour fools
    I'm powerful
    Like mecha-godzilla
    She said
    If I keep rapping
    She'll keep clapping
    But ain't nobody strapping
    Till she see paper
    And then we'll see what's happening
    And I hear her say


    You heard of tech
    He's like the best
    He built his nest
    In the midwest
    The boy can flow
    And he be busting like
    Boom boom
    It's like I'm stuck
    I feel I'm cursed
    About to load the n9na
    Tech cause in a sec
    I'm finna be busting like
    Boom boom


    [2nd verse]

    She invited me
    To a party in l.a.
    So popular
    She introduced me to
    2pac the next day
    She took me to this party
    In beverly hills
    Where me and chris tucker
    Couldn't get in
    Because of our ball caps
    And they was all about dollar bills
    She was a g
    And got us all in for free
    Ran into pac again
    She talked about him so tough
    I knew she was cocking him
    But I never did hate
    Because I knew
    Heated sex
    Was our fate
    As I got clever
    And a lot better
    She started letting me and my boys
    Hit together
    Me and pac hit the slot
    Now it's out in the open
    Didn't take long
    To make her get it on
    Came on strong
    And thugs get lonely too
    Was our slogan
    She wanted me
    And chino xl
    But he backed off
    And said that's hell
    He don't dip into every female
    Waiting to exhale
    With a
    Wet tail
    Wish I could be with baby
    But I recall
    The veteran click saying
    Don't turn a tramp into your
    I don't know why
    I want this bitch
    She always dis and
    Won't let me
    Showcase my shit
    This bitch is driving n9na


    You heard of tech
    He's like the best
    He built his nest
    In the midwest
    And he be busting like
    Boom boom
    It's like I'm stuck
    I feel I'm cursed
    About to load the n9na
    Tech cause in a sec
    I'm finna be busting
    Boom boom


    [3rd verse]

    Fuck this
    I'm ready for
    One on one ruckus
    Still she like
    Don't touch this
    When I'm alone with her
    It's on
    When the bone hit her
    Get her
    Hoeing off in l.a.
    With my folks
    Me and yuk, phats, gonz
    L q max key
    Hella knocking your back out
    Long strokes
    You a nympho
    Who the pimps though
    Me and roger troutman
    Had you at juan momma house
    Through the talk box
    You exhaust cocks
    And you ought not
    Ever get caught hot
    Why she always gotta have the vault lock
    Kinda mad when I really
    Thought back
    Me and rza hit that ass
    On the video set
    Why did we hit
    Bitch told us
    How she fucked
    Kool g
    Exhibit and
    Type a niggas
    When felony fucked
    He said
    What what what what
    I was next in line
    Right after he busted his
    Nut nut nut nut
    I heard
    My homey rodney say
    She want me and lynch to hit
    Sac and mo dick
    And she said she wanted it so bad
    Cause we so sick
    I saw you at 92.3
    The beat
    With jay-z and damon
    I know at times
    I'm hella complex
    But now imma put it in lamens
    I wanna fuck you
    Not with jimmy jam
    Not with terry lewis
    Not with quincy jones
    Not with qd3
    Just me and you
    And imma show you all the things
    That I can do
    Go platinum plus
    Get trapped in your lust
    So I'm hoping me and you can
    Bang bang
    I know you're a groupie hoe
    But I still
    Want your coochie though
    Before I go
    I want you to tell these people
    Your name
    Rap game

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