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Текст песни Flesh blood feelings от исполнителя Chumbawamba

    Margaret thatcher lives in ronald reagan's underpants
    She's been there for eight years cooking up her plan
    To make the uk like big brother usa
    Where selfmade men run everything and this is what they say
    Once upon a time, we had an idea
    Mr big thought it was a damn good idea
    Together we made the idea strong
    And before too long they could do no wrong
    As the idea grew, the number of poeple who dug our idea grew too
    We had a graphic designed who know just what to do
    He made it plain and simple, red, white, and blue
    Red is the blood of the butchered indians
    White is anglo-american apartheid
    Blue is the gee, I'll die for my country mentality
    That made it all possible
    Our history, made from other people's misery
    Our history, built on other people's poverty
    A present, the world into which we were born
    I say, I say, I say, what's the biggest thing in the world today?
    It's the myth that men are big, that includes us lads
    The myth that we've got a rocket down our pants
    When I was ten years old I was bought and sold
    On films, tv, books, and comics pushing myths about mr. big
    Rock it!
    To be someone in this world you gotta have a big, big penis. not much else matters, just as long as you got a wapping great wanger. the bigger it is, the bigger you are, and you gotta use it!
    Mr big's the bigger it is the more power it packs
    Mr. big's shiny prick nuclear dick
    How do we measure up to it?
    At the age of twelve I thought to myself,
    It's gonna grow
    For the next seven years I kept a check of things down below
    It didn't grow
    Now look at me on the front of this record
    Admittedly it's not erect
    But even allowing for exaggeration there's no comparison with
    This microphone, sylvester stallone
    Electric guitars, sports cars
    Errol flynn, jimmy hill's chin
    Stars and stripes and rubber pipes
    F-111 bombers and the contras
    Post office tower penis power
    Muscles and sweat cigarettes
    Ronald reagan's smile cruise missiles
    Fourteen, fifteen, going on sixteen
    No growth down below if you know what I mean
    I kept it very quiet, I felt a lot embarrassed
    I didn't like going in public toilets
    At school I skipped showers
    The state separatism of an all-boys school
    I couldn't relate to girls, there were different rules
    I just wanted to kiss girls, put my hand up their dress
    They did right not to like it, 'cause women are not fuckin' objects
    Like with anything else which we keep to ourselves
    We end up taking it out on somebody else
    It becomes a big thing without being big at all
    I felt very inadequate, confused, and small
    We hide our feelings, our flesh and our blood
    Start putting out mr. tough
    To be larger than life, more than just flesh and blood
    Like the dickheads at shool, at gigs and in pubs
    We pretend it doesn't hurt as we beat each other up
    In our confusion we want to be more than flesh and blood
    Like the good guys on tv, we pretend to have no feelings
    It's easier to avoid the emotional scenes
    So when it comes to our lives we do not see who we're hurting
    Like the good guys on tv we don't know our own feelings
    All I needed was demystification
    And it's as simple as this
    We're flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    I say, I say, I say, what's the biggest idea in the world today?
    Us losing sight of feeling reality, instead, putting our faith in democracy
    Churchill died in 1965, but God and country survived
    As a lad I was full of it, it took me twenty years to see through it
    The state freedom which keeps us in our place
    Which keeps us blind to how governments operate
    And gives us war to cover our insignificance
    And gives thatcher what she wanted
    A vote of thanks, victory for britain, oppression with a smile
    Everybody's happy, the union jack's on the jack again over port stanley
    Young growing lads are watching every move
    To see how they measure up
    Growing up confused, like I did
    'cause their minds are being messed up
    The pretending becomes the reality as we turn out the lights
    Turn on the power and fuck the consequences
    The reality of rape and violence
    From the bedrooms to the backstreets
    And the mass-manufactured murder
    From the boardrooms to the battlefields
    The reality of their freedom
    Behind the smiles, the lies, the celebrations
    The price of trying to forget ourselves
    Trying to hide but still being racked with pain
    Such is the life they would have us lead
    To kill or be killed for their idea
    Where's the freedom, I ask, in being told what to do?
    And living in constant fear?
    If we're ever gonna change this thing
    We've got to try and find a way from within
    Within our heads, amidst our own confusion there must be something
    Something real, a feeling which is not for sale
    Which they can't drown
    A love for each other, and a will to resist the people who will try to keep us down
    Like northern ireland, nicaragua, grenada, libya
    The free world penis power intervention is so similar
    Where flesh and blood and feeling people
    Fighting for their lives, trying to resist
    Are tortured and killed by democracies and labelled terrorists
    Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    Peoplekind just trying to find some sense in all of this mess
    Something real, a feeling which will never be for sale
    A love for each other, a will to resist those who will build our prison walls
    Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
    (repeat and fade)

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Доказано, что классическая музыка благотворно влияет на нервную систему. Многие психологи прописывают своим пациентам слушать классическую музыку каждый день. Она не только успокаивает, но и вызывает положительные эмоции у человека. Классическую музыку даже с недавних пор стали использовать прогрессивных взглядов хирурги во время своих операций. Они прочувствовали на себе, что когда операция проводится под звуки классической музыки, все проходит как по маслу, а пациент в скорейшем времени реабилитируется и идет на поправку. Да, и во многих западных больницах в палатах больных играет классическая музыка. По словам врачей, она является усилителем медикаментозного лечения, так как своим звучанием настраивает на положительный лад людей, страдающих тем или иным заболеванием, внушает веру в выздоровление и в собственные силы справиться с болезнью. И все это не пустые слова - это результат проводимых неоднократно экспериментов.

К примеру, был произведен такой эксперимент - в две комнаты, одинаковые по размеру, температуре, влажности, степени освещения, поместили горшки с абсолютно одинаковыми цветами, и в каждой их них включили музыку - в одной классическую, а в другой - тяжелый рок. По истечении определенного времени эксперимент показал следующие результаты - в комнате с классической музыке цветы стали быстро прибавлять в росте, многие расцвели, все выглядели здоровыми, а в комнате с тяжелым роком цветы не только не выросли ни на сколько, а имели нездоровый вид, а многие даже зачахли. Чудодейственное влияние классической музыки на лицо. Однако этот эксперимент вовсе не говорит о том, что рок плох, и слушать его не следует, отнюдь - все люди разные, на кого-то и рок. И тексты песен роковых исполнителей действуют как чудесная сила.