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Текст песни Bob dylans 115th dream от исполнителя Bob dylan

    I was riding on the mayflower
    When I thought I spied some land
    I yelled for captain arab
    I have yuh understand
    Who came running to the deck
    Said, boys, forget the whale
    Look on over yonder
    Cut the engines
    Change the sail
    Haul on the bowline
    We sang that melody
    Like all tough sailors do
    When they are far away at sea

    I think I'll call it america
    I said as we hit land
    I took a deep breath
    I fell down, I could not stand
    Captain arab he started
    Writing up some deeds
    He said, let's set up a fort
    And start buying the place with beads
    Just then this cop comes down the street
    Crazy as a loon
    He throw us all in jail
    For carryin' harpoons

    Ah me I busted out
    Don't even ask me how
    I went to get some help
    I walked by a guernsey cow
    Who directed me down
    To the bowery slums
    Where people carried signs around
    Saying, ban the bums
    I jumped right into line
    Sayin', I hope that I'm not late
    When I realized I hadn't eaten
    For five days straight

    I went into a restaurant
    Lookin' for the cook
    I told them I was the editor
    Of a famous etiquette book
    The waitress he was handsome
    He wore a powder blue cape
    I ordered some suzette, I said
    Could you please make that crepe
    Just then the whole kitchen exploded
    From boilin' fat
    Food was flying everywhere
    And I left without my hat

    Now, I didn't mean to be nosy
    But I went into a bank
    To get some bail for arab
    And all the boys back in the tank
    They asked me for some collateral
    And I pulled down my pants
    They threw me in the alley
    When up comes this girl from france
    Who invited me to her house
    I went, but she had a friend
    Who knocked me out
    And robbed my boots
    And I was on the street again

    Well, I rapped upon a house
    With the u.s. flag upon display
    I said, could you help me out
    I got some friends down the way
    The man says, get out of here
    I'll tear you limb from limb
    I said, you know they refused jesus, too
    He said, you're not him
    Get out of here before I break your bones
    I ain't your pop
    I decided to have him arrested
    And I went looking for a cop

    I ran right outside
    And I hopped inside a cab
    I went out the other door
    This englishman said, fab
    As he saw me leap a hot dog stand
    And a chariot that stood
    Parked across from a building
    Advertising brotherhood
    I ran right through the front door
    Like a hobo sailor does
    But it was just a funeral parlor
    And the man asked me who I was

    I repeated that my friends
    Were all in jail, with a sigh
    He gave me his card
    He said, call me if they die
    I shook his hand and said goodbye
    Ran out to the street
    When a bowling ball came down the road
    And knocked me off my feet
    A pay phone was ringing
    It just about blew my mind
    When I picked it up and said hello
    This foot came through the line

    Well, by this time I was fed up
    At tryin' to make a stab
    At bringin' back any help
    For my friends and captain arab
    I decided to nip a coin
    Like either heads or tails
    Would let me know if I should go
    Back to ship or back to jail
    So I hocked my sailor suit
    And I got a coin to flip
    It came up tails
    It rhymed with sails
    So I made it back to the ship

    Well, I got back and took
    The parkin' ticket off the mast
    I was ripping it to shreds
    When this coastguard boat went past
    They asked me my name
    And I said, captain kidd
    They believed me but
    They wanted to know
    What exactly that I did
    I said for the pope of eruke
    I was employed
    They let me go right away
    They were very paranoid

    Well, the last I heard of arab
    He was stuck on a whale
    That was married to the deputy
    Sheriff of the jail
    But the funniest thing was
    When I was leavin' the bay
    I saw three ships a-sailin'
    They were all heading my way
    I asked the captain what his name was
    And how come he didn't drive a truck
    He said his name was columbus
    I just said, good luck.

    Текст песни Bob dylans 115th dream от исполнителя Bob dylan представлен исключительно в ознакомительных целях для частного использования. Слова песни принадлежать их авторам.

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А знаете ли вы, что классическая музыка признана многими психологами, врачами и самими исполнителями в буквальном смысле чудодейственной. Сама по себе она не совершает чудеса, но она может самым благоприятным образом влиять на человека, растений и животных, на весь окружающий мир. И не важно, что в большинстве композиций классической музыки отсутствуют тексты песен, главное здесь - ее звучание, удачное сочетание нот и звуков.

Доказано, что классическая музыка благотворно влияет на нервную систему. Многие психологи прописывают своим пациентам слушать классическую музыку каждый день. Она не только успокаивает, но и вызывает положительные эмоции у человека. Классическую музыку даже с недавних пор стали использовать прогрессивных взглядов хирурги во время своих операций. Они прочувствовали на себе, что когда операция проводится под звуки классической музыки, все проходит как по маслу, а пациент в скорейшем времени реабилитируется и идет на поправку. Да, и во многих западных больницах в палатах больных играет классическая музыка. По словам врачей, она является усилителем медикаментозного лечения, так как своим звучанием настраивает на положительный лад людей, страдающих тем или иным заболеванием, внушает веру в выздоровление и в собственные силы справиться с болезнью. И все это не пустые слова - это результат проводимых неоднократно экспериментов.

К примеру, был произведен такой эксперимент - в две комнаты, одинаковые по размеру, температуре, влажности, степени освещения, поместили горшки с абсолютно одинаковыми цветами, и в каждой их них включили музыку - в одной классическую, а в другой - тяжелый рок. По истечении определенного времени эксперимент показал следующие результаты - в комнате с классической музыке цветы стали быстро прибавлять в росте, многие расцвели, все выглядели здоровыми, а в комнате с тяжелым роком цветы не только не выросли ни на сколько, а имели нездоровый вид, а многие даже зачахли. Чудодейственное влияние классической музыки на лицо. Однако этот эксперимент вовсе не говорит о том, что рок плох, и слушать его не следует, отнюдь - все люди разные, на кого-то и рок. И тексты песен роковых исполнителей действуют как чудесная сила.